Collection: Gymrats Collection: Honor Your Workout with VTown's Durable Magnets

Gymrats Collection: Honor Your Workout with VTown's Durable Magnets

Unleash your inner strength with VTown Designs' exclusive Gymrats Collection—a tribute to every fitness enthusiast's dedication and passion. Featuring 14 unique characters, from the dynamic Gymrat Bros like Mitch and Jason to the unstoppable Gymrat Babes like Sara and Kate, these custom-shaped magnets are not just decorations; they're badges of honor.

Crafted with cutting-edge die-cut vinyl, each Gymrat magnet promises unmatched durability and flexibility, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor displays. Measuring a bold 6"x6", these black-backed pieces resonate with the familiar contours of your daily grind and victories. Whether it's the relentless push at the squat rack or the final sprint on the treadmill, our Gymrats are with you every step of the way.

Dive deeper into the Gymrats universe and choose the characters that reflect your journey. Each magnet is a testament to the sweat and smiles of fitness lovers—crafted not only to adorn your space but to inspire your next workout. Embrace the mere exposure effect; the more you see your Gymrat, the more motivated you'll feel. Step up, stand out, and transform your magnetic appeal with VTown Designs. Be bold. Be brave. Be a Gymrat.

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